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IDL: Strategy

Strategic development is a uniquely-designed concept that shows you how to design, develop and implement a strategic plan that will generate results. IDL takes a comprehensive three-step approach that includes strategic design, tactical-planning and operational-action-planning. We conduct workshops with you and your in-house experts to ensure maximum impact, and a solid communication plan supports the entire process.

Success in today's business environment requires that company leaders have the ability to create and communicate a vision for the organization's future direction. Organizations that have a clear vision and mandate are most likely to achieve both. More than 90% of companies that start within any year will not survive. One of the key reasons is the failure to develop a clear vision and the strategy to reach it.

Our strategy is to ensure that our methodology meets your unique requirements. Our professional team of experts will provide consulting expertise from start to finish. We will work with your organization's key executive representatives to tailor our program in order to take advantage of any of your previous work by incorporating it into our process and delivering a realistic and achievable final product.

1) Strategic Design: three core activities to clearly identify what needs to be done
  • Key Business Driver Identification: Internal and external factors that have an influence on current and future operations

  • Scenario Identification/Development: Scenarios that are likely to unfold over the next few years

  • Vision Development: Identifying, clarifying or developing your organizational purpose, organizational values, vision and mission statements, and key objectives

2) Tactical Planning: the required goals and actions required by each department in order to achieve the objectives - with respect to the following elements:
  • Customer

  • Structure

  • Technology

  • Resources and people

3) Operational Action Planning: bringing the goals and supporting tactics to the front line for implementation
  • Individual action plans

  • Performance measurement

  • Organizational change management

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