Stephen McCarthy

President and partner in charge of
technology solutions


Stephen McCarthy, CD,M.Eng,P.Eng, provides management consulting services and training in the areas of strategic data planning, systems and data architecture, data modelling and integration. He has 35 years of in-depth experience, has a comprehensive knowledge of data architecture and its benefits - and he shares this knowledge with clients through IDL's training and consulting services.

In the 1980's, Stephen focused on systems and data architecture. This experience began at a major mining and manufacturing company with the implementation of a project that completely changed the company's material-management function.

Since 1990, Stephen has been increasingly involved in Enterprise Architecture solutions aimed at ensuring proper quality management and sharing of corporate information.

  • Provided data and systems architecture services to a major crown corporation: introduced a data-oriented and event-driven methodology that was ultimately accepted as the standard. He was subsequently appointed project manager to lead the development and implementation of four projects with a $30M budget
  • Implemented a methodology to estimate and manage the Information Resource Management function for HRDC
  • Provides training and consulting in Project Management with an emphasis on the ISO 10006 Project Management Guideline
  • Managed the planning, acquisition and installation of a work-management and financial software system for the Canadian Navy's Fleet Maintenance Facilities in Victoria and Halifax. Stephen supervised the selection of repository tools for the Land Force Software Engineering Centre (Department of National Defence)
  • Assisted three Government of Canada Departments to set up Data Architecture environments to ensure efficient sharing of corporate information.
  • Teaches successful data modelling and systems development courses
  • Presents to government and private industry on a regular basis
  • Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and a Master's of Engineering (Electrical) in Computer Systems Design from Carleton University
Stephen and his family live in Ottawa. He can be reached at (613) 769 - 3068