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IDL: HR and Labour Relations

Every organization is unique in its size, cultural make-up and business philosophy - and the first step that IDL takes is to develop a sound understanding of every new client's business. We work with you to develop custom solutions that specifically meet your unique challenges. And we don't stop once we deliver; we monitor the results and make changes, as necessary, to ensure you receive the maximum return from our effort.

Developing effective workforces led by effective leaders

We are commonly asked to help clients assess their organizational situation with respect to their overall vision and direction, and we always stress the importance of integrating as many elements of the organization as possible. Efficient workplaces nurture positive people: positive people are motivated, accepting of change and highly productive.

Sometimes, however, personality conflicts arise and negative energy is produced. This leads to mistrust, lack of motivation and poor performance - not just for the individuals directly involved - for the organization's bottom-line. Issues such as these must be addressed when they first appear and IDL has had successful results in many cases, due primarily to our ability to quickly locate the source of the friction.

When it comes to problem-solving, we encourage maximum side-by-side participation instead of confrontation, and this new more positive approach - once the issue is resolved - ultimately creates even greater workplace relationships for the future.

IDL Labour Management Functions
  • Negotiation

  • Dispute resolution

  • Facilitation

  • Labour relations consultation and training

  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

  • Negotiations training and facilitation

In addition to the above services, IDL can conduct an analysis of employee attitudes and behaviours and if the results are positive, we can build on those strengths through various training methods. If the results are negative, we can help you develop a plan to address those areas of weakness.

IDL is your ally in maintaining confident, productive and happy people. Contact Bill to find out more.