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IDL: Customer Service

This is the essence of IDL's business philosophy. Whether it's an IT, labour, structure or strategy issue - everything ultimately leads to the customer. Sometimes we're too busy with specific tasks to take the time and ask ourselves: how does this contribute to a better product or service, or how does it strengthen our organization's mission? The customer impact may be small or significant but it still must be positive. If an activity does not impact the customer in any way, you have to question why it's being done at all.

Superior customer service for IDL clients

We show organizations how to strengthen their own customer service, and we function with the same obsession towards your satisfaction when you deal with us. We are responsive, creative and enthusiastic. We listen to your needs and work together to build relationships that generate growth and prosperity.

Our client-centred principles
  • You set the goals; we provide the expertise

  • We build solutions for your unique needs

  • We monitor, measure and communicate progress and results

  • An IDL partner always leads a project team to ensure you receive the attention and results you deserve

  • We are a full-service company and work with you to meet your objectives and exceed your expectations.

IDL leads by example