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IDL Courses: Leadership Skill Development

COURSE TITLE Advanced Leadership

This course trains senior and middle management to develop the leadership skills necessary to tackle the most difficult issues facing their organization.

Throughout the course, common threads and theories emerge that come from extensive research, anecdotal evidence and first-hand experience. Additional personal experiences and contacts with today's leaders such as Colin Powell, John Galvin, federal and provincial politicians, senior civil servants and academics have been used in framing this material into a package that can provide valuable training for all participants.

The course includes classic examples and current practical cases. It gets senior and middle management "walking the talk."


After completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • recognize the differences between leadership and management and why both are essential in successful organizations
  • use the 3 Vs - Vision, Values and Vitality in handling day-to-day leadership issues
  • take personal responsibility for scheduling time to improve their ability to plan in a visionary manner
  • put first things first then apply the discipline to make it happen
  • use available material from current leadership experts such as Covey, Bennis, Drucker and others.
COURSE DURATION 2 days (retreat)

COURSE PRICE $595.00 / Participant *
        Canadian Dollars
* Group discounts may apply. Please contact us.