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IDL: Fine-tuning business… for the customer

IDL Integrated Data Ltd. is a full-service consulting firm whose mission is to help both private and public-sector clients better-integrate disparate elements of their organizations. IDL has the unique ability to look at issues and opportunities in all areas - from technology and operations to labour-relations and strategic direction. We place tremendous emphasis how our clients' activities, no matter how seemingly removed, do in fact impact the customer.

An IDL partner leads all client projects to assure
unsurpassed customer service.

This combined expertise allows us to identify opportunities within any part of an organization, and demonstrate the depth of the benefits that come with a sound integration strategy.

Our Focus Areas

Organizational effectiveness is a complex concept, especially since all organizations are unique in how they are structured, how they operate and in their reason for being in business.

Through years of experience, we have come to realize that - in the interest of strengthening overall effectiveness - any organization can be separated into four key areas. And since customer service impacts (and is impacted by) all areas of any organization, IDL treats it as a focus area as well.
  • Customer Service: Eliminate churn, build loyalty and reduce marketing costs with a revitalized customer service strategy.

  • Strategy: Design, develop and implement plans that have a positive impact on all areas of your organization.

  • Structure: Everything in the way you are structured impacts your customers.

  • People Power: Strengthen the loyalty, enthusiasm and creativity within your most important assets.

  • Technology Solutions: Every task demands the right people for the right project for the right cost

IDL Integrated Data Ltd.: Helping you help yourself.